Sponsors and Donators

We would like to thank all who participated into the Flamingo project by lending a hand or providing material support. This would not have been possible without your help. Should we have forgotten someone, please let us know soonest so we can rectify the list. Below are all the different help categories funded by our sponsors.

Kimberley Quarantine facility

For the help funding, designing and building the new quarantine facility in Kimberley, thank you to Kimberley SPCA, Dallas Zoo, Columbus Zoo and Aquarium, Oklahoma City Zoo and Botanical Garden, San Diego Zoo Global, Zoos Victoria, Wellington Zoo, Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary and PAAZA.


For expertise and medical care, thank you Ondersterpoort Veterinary Hospital and Kimberley Veterinary Clinic Dierekliniek.
For all the medical help and support provided, thank you to Ibisring, Dublin Zoo, Leipzig Zoo, Artis - Amsterdam Royal Zoo, Tiergarten Heidelberg and all veterinarians involved


For material help, thank you to all donors

Marking Systems

For the Microchips, thank you to IdAfrica and Gaia Nature Fund
For sponsoring colour bands, thank you to Gaia Nature Fund
For helping with Safring, thank you to Bird Life South Africa

GPS Tracking

For sponsoring the GPS tracking devices, thank you to BCRE and Raptor Rescue

Air Cargo

For the help in moving birds, material and two legged animals without feathers, thank you to SA Airlink and The Bateleurs
For the containers used as bird crates, thank you to iPak

Domestic Accommodation and Travel

Thank you to B&B Kimberley, Road Lodge Kimberley, Evansville's Mesker Park Zoo & Botanic Garden, Great Plains Zoo and Delbridge Museum of Natural History, Greenville Zoo, Jacksonville Zoo and Gardens, Oakland Zoo / Conservation Society of California and Puget Sound AAZK Chapter.

Meals - Kimberley

For providing hungry teams with delicious food, thank you to Protea Hotel, Nandos and Steers.

Flamingo Food

For helping with the flamingo food during their rearing, thank you to AVI Products.


For assisting in sending qualified staff over to South Africa, thank you Dallas Zoo
For giving your time and effort, thanks you to all South African volunteers.


For providing a vehicle to use at the new Quarantine facility, thank you to Toyota Kimberley.