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Saving a species in distress due to human impact, often involves a hefty amount of paperwork, including regulatory requirements. Numerous documents are required for actions which in the case of the Lesser flamingo were; Rescue, Recovery, Release, Long-term care, Non-releasable (compromised health).
Each one of theses actions is a specific entity which requires its own dedicated process.

Below are a few guiding documents regarding the lesser flamingo event. For more information, please use the contact email provided under Contact.
Please click on a name to open and download a pdf.

Guiding Documents

Plan for the release of LF
PAAZA Inspection
Quarantine IUCN Translocation Guidelines
One Health
Combined communique from GDARD and PAAZA to DENC


Monitoring Protocol for released LF at Kamfers Dam
Quarantine Procedure
Translocation Protocol


Zimmermann D, Anderson M, Lane E, Van Wilpe E, Carulei O, Douglass N, Williamson AL, Kotze A - (2011). Avian Poxvirus Epizootic in a Breeding Population of Lesser Flamingos (Phoenicopterus minor) at Kamfers Dam, Kimberley, South Africa. Journal of wildlife diseases. 47. 989-93. 10.7589/0090-3558-47.4.989.
Lachish S, Lawson B, Cunningham AA, Sheldon BC - (2012). Epidemiology of the Emergent Disease Paridae pox in an Intensively Studied Wild Bird Population. PLOS ONE 7(11): e38316.

Public Communications

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