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Loggerhead sea turtle

Loggerhead sea turtles are large marine reptiles. They are the world's second largest hard-shelled turtles. Their diet is mainly carnivorous, including crabs, lobsters and other hard shelled prey, but also sponges, sea urchins, jellyfish, squid, floating molluscs and sometimes algae. They inhabit temperate to tropical areas and can be found in almost every ocean located within the tropics.

Most populations are threatened due to human activity. In some countries, turtles and their eggs are hunted for food. Pollution indirectly harms turtles at both population and individual scales, as well as light pollution. Many turtles die after being caught in fishing nets. Also, real estate development often causes habitat loss by eliminating nesting beaches.

Loggerhead sea turtles are listed on Appendix I of the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species (CITES). As a result, it is illegal to import, export, kill, capture or harass loggerhead sea turtles.

"Oliver" the loggerhead sea turtle has been tagged by Bayworld (PE Museum).

"Oliver" stranded in December 2015 at Kidd's Beach, East London and underwent rehabilitation at East London Aquarium until he recently outgrew his tank and was transferred to Bayworld in December 2018. He was assessed by the vet and deemed fit for release and then safely released with Stampede Cruises off St. Croix Island in Algoa Bay on the 17th April. He is currently 32.6kg and 58.2cm SCL (Straight Carapace Length).

Bayworld is the hub for Turtle rehabilitation and release in the Eastern Cape, located in the biodiversity rich Algoa Bay. The turtle programme is linked to the Nelson Mandela University and in conjunction with Addo SanParks. Although all releases are microchipped and DNA sampled, this is the first time an adult is Satellite tagged. This will provide invaluable information to add to the extensive species monitoring already underway in Algoa Bay and the waters off the Eastern Cape.

This page will be updated weekly to show Oliver's progress
Data displayed: 31/08/2019

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